These sporting rules (hereinafter the Rules) apply to all participants in the Event. They are an integral part of the General Terms of Sale mentioned above. In the event of a conflict between the General Terms of Sale, the provisions of the Rules prevail.


L'Étape Malaysia by Tour de France in Johor is a cyclosportive event which will be held on Saturday 8 July 2023 on the beautiful, open roads of Desaru, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.


To take part in the Event, you must be at least sixteen years-old (16-years-old) at the latest on 31 December 2023, and is in good medical condition.


Race kits must be collected, upon presentation of the following:

  • Your registration slip,
  • Your valid proof of identity.

There are 3 ways to collect Race Kits:
A. By opting for race kit delivery during registration.
B. A race pack collection will be organised in Kuala Lumpur approximately weeks before the race. Date, time and location to be advised.
C. Race kit can be collected at the Race Village in Desaru Coast on 7 Jul 2023 between 10AM to 10PM.

The allocation of race bib is firm and definitive.

The race bib must be placed on your back and the plate on the front of the bike, will be mandatory in order to access to the departure area and must remain completely visible throughout the race, including in the event of bad weather.


Timing will be done using an electronic detection system.

The whole route will be timed and will give rise to the final ranking. The three sprint previously mentioned will be timed and give the final standing for the sprint classification.

Feeding stations are set up along the whole route and after the finish line for all the participants.

A real time limit to cross the finish line (from the crossing of the starting line) is defined by the Organiser according to the difficulties of the course, technical constraints, etc. Any participant exceeding this real limit time, even if crossing the finish line, will be downgraded.

Once the end of race vehicle has passed by, participants must imperatively comply with the traffic regulations of the “Code de la Route” (French highway code), the traffic being allowed to be reopened at any time following the passage of the said vehicle.


All participants will be issued with an electronic chip when they pick up their race numbers (the chip is attached to the back of the frame numbers), which will be automatically initialised on the start line and will track the conformity of the race at each antenna along the Event’s route and at the finish line.

Caution : In order to allow the timing chip to function properly it must not be folded or bent. The frame plate must be attached to the front of the bike.

Participants who do not follow the route defined by the Organiser, who use human and/or material assistance, or who cross the finish line without their “chipped” frame plate will not be recorded as having finished.

The electronic detection system has been chosen according to strict reliability requirements. Despite tests conducted by the manufacturers, a very low percentage of cases of non-detection remains. Due to the lack of information resulting from this non-detection, the Organiser may be unable to show the official or real time for the participant concerned in the ranking. The Organiser cannot be held responsible for this.

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